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Sustainable Innovation Inspired by Tradition
Organic Denim Dyed with g_pwdr technology



g_jacket MM1



  • certified organic cotton, better for the environment (this one consumes 90% less water than regular cotton, hey!) and for your own health;
  • our denim is a healthier option for our planet! It is the first to use the g_pwdr technology reducing our environmental footprint in the dyeing stage by 95% in terms of water, chemical, and carbon footprint. How? Find out more about it by clicking here;
  • entirely made in Italy. Click here to see who makes our clothes.
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    Brandon is 1.89 cm and wearing fit Gamma (L-XL). Sienna instead is 1.78cm and she is wearing fit Beta (M-L). Choose your height and fit below and check out what's going to work best for you below.

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    Product Details

    • alpha-gender fit. Do we still believe in gender labelling? Nah;
    • denim made in Italy of 99% GOTS certified organic cotton and 1% elastane by Italdenim;
    • buttons made of 70% recycled cotton and 30% polyester by Berbrand in Italy;
    • the unique grey-phite color is as special as the process we used to make it: it is dyed with repurposed graphite powder, a by-product of tech companies involved with the production of electrodes. This technology allows us to reduce our water footprint, carbon footprint and chemical footprint by an average of 95% in the dyeing stage;
    • the organic denim is treated with chitosan, a natural polymer which protects the cotton fiber, enhances its capability to absorb our repurposed graphite powder, and makes it unnecessary to use dangerous chemical substances in the dyeing stage;

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    Dimensions 30.5 x 11 x 35 cm