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In use from us since 2018

Deposited in 2019

Best of the Best Award at the RedDot Design in 2017

An innovation inspired by tradition: graphite is today wasted in vast quantities by the tech industry, but the Romans used to rely on it to dye their own fabrics thousands of years ago.

We asked ourselves: could this modern-day waste become a raw material in a new, circular supply chain to offer the fashion industry an alternative to chemical dyes and tech companies an up-cycling solution to their by-products? g_pwdr®was the answer to this question. An innovation fully made in Italy which has granted GRAPHI-TEE™endorsed by Perpetua, the first product to use it, the 2017  Best of the Best Award at the RedDot Designg_pwdr®is a product of Perpetua®we had to invent it developed in synergy with WRÅD. By using g_pwdr® technology you consume and recycle wasted graphite powder, recovered from the industrial production processes of electrodes, otherwise destined to the landfill.

Thanks to you, through the endorsed by Perpetua®program, up to today we have been able to recover and repurpose:



recycled recycled kilos of graphite


How its made

Once upon a time, and up until the end of the XIX century, in the small village of Monterosso Calabro in Southern Italy people dyed fabrics with a natural mineral available in abundance in the area: graphite. A technique that roots back to Ancient Rome times which we decided to revamp by recycling the graphite powder that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. How? Check it out!