In June 2014 our co-founder Matteo was running around the Alster in Hamburg – Germany. It was in those runs that he started to question his present in fashion and envision a different future. “I wanted to build a project that could find its reason for being in a purpose. A young-hearted and meaningful movement”. A movement the identifying elements of which Matteo then found in his own last name – WARD – which had the words RAW and RAD in it. “We are going to be raw, and rad. It is our raw state that really makes us rad” Matteo recalls telling himself. Several runs later, all the way up to 2015, the final word ‘WRAD’ was then signed off with Silvia and Victor, co-founders. Not a word, but a way of being for those who simply care, act and impact.

adjective | \r?:d \

a_ someone who refuses to passively accept the status quo and dares to take action for positive change. (ex. “Elijah just spent six months in South Africa volunteering for a reforestation program. He is pretty wrad”).

b_ used to describe something that is subjectively both raw – natural, pure, truthful, and rad – awesome, aspirational, engaging. (ex. “This line of sunglasses made from recycled plastics is so wrad”)


The first time Silvia, co-founder, went over to Matteo’s house for dinner she noticed a plant painted in his family’s plate-set: a tinctorial flower called Anthemis Tinctoria. A quick research on this plant led to some awesome findings: the EU-native Anthemis Tinctoria, used in the past to dye garments of a gentle and eco-friendly yellow, is a genderless flower known for its strength and capability to endure through any season. BOOM! Iconic, trans-seasonal, alpha-gender, and purposeful. We found it to be extremely wrad. And decided to make it our logo. Our flag. Our totem for change.



The movement started in the streets of Europe. Of our trans-cultural and wrad-hearted Europe. Where our roots are planted, and our identity was formed. Immediately after quitting his job Matteo, Victor and their friend and social activist Federica, decided to leave for a 2-month backpacking trip through Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Why? To try to plant the seed of our purpose. Our big-bang.

The scope of the trip was simple: spread awareness, engage people with an objective, build a network, and work to activate believers in the cause with positively impacting initiatives in each destination. What happened during and after the trip has set the foundations for WRAD to grow as a collaborative, optimistic, passionate, and open-minded movement. Driven by people – united in their diversity – for the people. And our planet.



95% of the photos are taken by Victor who, from day 1, has been working to shape WRÅD’s identity through his iconic shots while documenting our crazy stories. On social media we also love regramming pics of people who aspire to be catalysts of change and want to contribute with their shots to spreading our collective purpose!

Fancy to have a chat with Victor about photography? Feel free to get in touch with him: @victor3s on Instagram!


Silvia! She is the one who gradually transformed our positive vision into something you can actually wear and believe: livable fashion. We start from the message we wish to convey – our purpose.. And then work to find the best design and/or item that empowers us to communicate it and amplify it. We speak and live through fashion – we are what we wear – and WE are.. WRAD.
If you have any questions about our approach to product Silvia can’t wait to reveal it all: silvia@wradliving.com

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