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WRÅD's Beanie. Mineral-dyed with recycled graphite powder. 

The beanie was traditionally used by welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen who needed to keep their hair back while working. In the mid-1940s, they fell out of  popularity  in favour of the baseball cap. It wasn’t until a couple of decades later, when they became a popular accessories worn in Universities, that the Beanie reappeared under the vest of a fashion item. WRÅD's Beanie is made from deadstock fabric - recovered from the offcuts of last season's Sherpa Jacket's lining - and is mineral-dyed with recycled graphite powder. Fun Fact: Vida, our product designer, calls it Bignè! 


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€ 30,00


- made from deadstock fabrics;

- 70%  polyester & 30% regenerated wool;

- WRÅD grey: this item is mineral-dyed with recycled graphite (g_pwdr technology);

- entirely made in Italy by Flower srl. 


Carbon Neutral shipping within the EU – FREE SHIPPING for orders above €65. 


Using deadstock fabrics minimizes both textile waste and carbon footprint. The signature tone of WRÅD grey is derived from the innovative g_pwdr technology which eliminates chemical dyes and uses in their place recycled graphite powder, a non-toxic byproduct of industrial manufacturing processes.