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Graphite C-Neck

Graphite C-Neck

Engineered to meet our planet’s expectations.
This item supports our Sustainable Innovation R&D Program.

A comfy-fit c-neck for year-round usability mineral dyed with graphite powder. Why? Because the skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs up to 60% of all the substances which we expose it to. Today 9% of skin conditions are directly caused by the thousands of chemicals used in the treatment and dyeing of the clothes we wear every day. Endorsed by Perpetua.

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Graphite C-Neck

€ 128,00


- logo embroidery;

- hypoallergenic and skin friendly;

- ultra soft organic cotton;

- WRÅD grey: this item is mineral-dyed with recycled graphite (g_pwdr technology);

- made by Tetribérica in Portugal, dyed by Working Blu, labeled by Flower SRL.



Roman is 1.85cm and wearing size L-XL.



The signature tone of WRÅD grey is derived from the innovative g_pwdr technology which eliminates chemical dyes and uses in their place recycled graphite powder, a non-toxic byproduct of industrial manufacturing processes.
g_pwdr technology is a patented process which reduces water footprint by 91% and CO2 emissions by 42%.


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