// 5am _europe.

our eyes open with conviction. HEART. FOCUS: DRIVE _

Silence. The sound of the adrenaline that had built up for days. Heartbeats. Crescendo.

our spring.. is coming.

We dress a code. In codes we speak. In our codes

// WE believe //

in happiness.

What is it we feel all of a sudden?

it’s the realization that change can happen. and WE can lead it.

x If WE don’t care, then who cares?
x If WE don’t speak, then who speaks?
x If WE don’t act, then who acts?

_If… ?

that “if” is our possibility.

make a

d / IF / ference.

Over that wall.

Over those barriers.

Embracing our purpose.


Eyes meet eyes.

Hearts meet hearts.

Under the same flag.

Photography: Victor Santiago

Models: Michelle Dantas, Santiago Ferrari, Andrea Leigh, Riccardo Romano
Wearing: the anorak, graphi-tee #1, graphi-tee #2 and the hemp sweatshirt