// 8pm _milan.

“hey babe – check w u later. rushing to the shooting.. Vic and I are already late. Anyway, I leave Milan at noon tomorrow, hit me up.” (@imichelledantas // text sent @8:15pm)

“on my way. Santi there yet?” (@victor3s // text sent at 8:16pm)

“k they’re here. And yes, extreme WRAD attitude. As usual. It’s already a mad house. lol. ciao bella bacio thx” (@matteo.ward // text sent @8:22pm)

“I’m telling you dude. insane”

“who that girl I saw on ur instastory? hell yeah.”

“you animal. yesss, that.. but also this stuff. u gotta see it”

(@akatobs and unverified source // text sent at 9:15pm)

“Dovresti essere qui per vederla con la nuova felpa. Non ho parole per descriverti la bellezza” (@silvia.giovanardi // text sent @ 9:31pm)

“can do so much with pizza and bier. #wradtraditions” (@santiagoferrari93 // captioned @9:47pm)

went live on @wrad_living @9:52pm // joined followers: 297

“I need ninja skillz – more ninja skillz. To louca pra postar essas fotos” (@immichelledantas // just us reading her mind)

Photography: Victor Santiago

Models: Michelle Dantas, Santiago Ferrari, Tobbia Collodo
Wearing: SPRING DROPS // @wrad_living