Our terms of being


WRAD Facts


“Wrad is not a brand,
it’s our call to action”

After we discovered that fashion was the second most polluting industry in the world, we began asking ourselves a few questions – Why was the industry so negatively impactful? Why is it that very few people know about this? And why did it seem so hard to find aspirational, sustainable and approachable brands for us to follow?

The answers were a bit more complicated than initially thought, and the situation merited a call for revolution.

Driven by this purpose, Matteo left the comfort zone of his job in fashion in 2015 to try and impact the status quo and find resolutions, investing all he had in people and values.

“A purpose higher than the task, a vision shared by a synergic network of players, and a team of dedicated, optimistic, wrad-hearted people”. This was the initial focus, the recipe to build a passionate movement, the seed of which was planted during a backpacking trip across Europe Matteo took in the summer of 2015 with Victor, co-founder, and Federica.

WRAD soon grew as a collaborative purpose which then inspired Silvia, co-founder, to jump onboard, leaving herself a cozy position within an Italian luxury fashion house. So many other aspirational revolutionaries then followed, all with one thing in common: the desire to step up and act for positive change.

Our destination? Working to catalyse the rise of livable fashion. Fashion that emphasises the life of the natural and human resources behind it in order to guarantee a future for the generations to come. A lifestyle for those who simply care, act, and impact. For those who aspire to live in a wrad way, for livable change.